Thanks for filling our form. Wedding is over! God bless and Kind Regards. - Mr & Mrs Yisa.

Guestbook Comments

ο»Ώ Untitled Document Name: Zainab Sule
Comment: Wow. This is awesome! I am super excited about this! Hell yeah!

Name: Ibrahim
Comment: You are highly welcome, Zainab. You must not miss this event!

Name: Oladapo Tinuoye
Comment: This gladdens my heart. May this be the beginning of blessings and bliss for you both. You look so good together. Love, Joy and peace will reign in your household always. Congratulations!!!

Name: pamilerin Akinlosotu
Comment: I am speechless. Not missing this for the world

Comment: Jayne Jayne!! Miss Jayne! Ya Jayne! Cute Jayne! Funny Jayne! Gorgeous Jayne! Beautiful Jayne! Humble Jayne!!! Jayne.... You know the rest! And Ya T hmmmmm smiles😊!! One Love

Name: Jerry Angai
Comment: Fantastic news. Here's wishing you a lifetime of loving and learning.

Name: Jacob Opata
Comment: Congratulations! Really nice story and you look good as an item. I pray that all the good things associated with getting married will be your portion. Your union will bring fulfilment to both of you.

Comment: Awaiting the great day. Its a priveledge and an honour to be part of this. Patience is a virtue and only few have it. Life is simple and easy but with GOD. A basic truth I have learnt from JAYNE and YA T is "STAY CALM AND LET GOD DO IT" much Love from chacha

Name: Dr Francis B. kolo
Comment: This shall be a great Union

Name: dzosh Ndace
Comment: Ya T nya yi tso! Ga wa mΓ‘.

Name: Govnor (Suleiman)
Comment: Ya T? the Big Brother, he Set us in Motion and now making the MOVE...... I can't forget him motivating me....Thank You Ya T and Wishing U the GREAT SUCCESS you DESERVE.

Name: Glk
Comment: Very beautiful... Can't wait to celebrate with you on your day.

Name: sugar
Comment: Counting down

Name: David Ochaba
Comment: Wishing you a blissful marital life together

Name: hannatu suleiman
Comment: This beautfull...looking forward to tht day

Name: Peter Eben-Spiff
Comment: Congrats. Wishing you all the best and more.

Name: teni
Comment: Wow! The clock is ticking

Name: Olawale Olayemi
Comment: I just want to be a part of this most beautiful event even if it's just electronically. I wish you guys all the happiness in the world with little Jaynes and little Ibrahims filling your household with laughter.

Name: Fuki Makut
Comment: Congrats Jayne and Ibro! God bless your union.

Name: Bukola Jonathan
Comment: Awesome! Congratulations.

Name: Daniel Yisa
Comment: Congratulations....J-Town here welcome πŸƒπŸƒ

Name: Eva
Comment: Wish you two the very best. See you at the wedding!!! Yipeeee

Name: Sunny
Comment: Come July 3rd, all roads leads to J town

Name: Nabe lyrics
Comment: On my wedding day, my father in law said it is not one that sees the fruit but rather the one that plucks it that is deem the owner. On your plucking day, I wish you you will blossom into trees that produces more fruits of happiness, joy, together and of course before I forget babies.

Name: Gab & Law Ola-C.
Comment: Cheerio.!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Deyemi Salako
Comment: Words can't fully express how special this day is gonna be. My mentor, my brother, my friend. God has chosen you out of 7billion people on earth, 2honour you with d greatest privilege known 2man, sir u have found a good thing and shall obtain unlimited favour IJN. See u there boss!!!

Name: Adedayo Salako
Comment: Congratulations, wishing you God's blessings and favour as you prepare for wedding. I look forward to be there.

Name: Donsam
Comment: Wow patiently waiting...

Name: comfort salako
Comment: God bless your marriage Hbm in advance

Name: Lawan Baldwin
Comment: Wishing you two the very best. May God give you two the strength and vigor to stay together no matter what, hold on to God's Word and Heavens culture and not that of the world. And may your relationship mentor others to love each other as well as glorify God radiantly. In Jesus Christ's Holy Name!

Comment: TSoci. Jesu a lugWa yi le efo ga ye lafiya.AMin

Name: Jasmine
Comment: Dis is lovely,we re counting down

Name: Jasmine
Comment: Dis is lovely,we re counting down

Name: Rossie
Comment: Yippee........ Can't wait.....J town lockdown come July 4th and 5th

Name: Se-se
Comment: Congrats Jayne and Ibrahim. God bless your day and home.

Name: Claudine
Comment: Ibrahim im so happy for you and your beautiful lady. May God bless your union and your home.

Name: Emma & Folake Akpobeku
Comment: Congratulations to you both. May God bleas your unioun and your home. Amen

Name: Emma & Folake Akpobeku
Comment: *bless

Name: Fati Gana
Comment: CONGRATS IBRAHIM! wishing u a very successful wedding & a wonderful marriage full of graceful BLISS!

Name: Damie
Comment: Congratulations Ibrahim and Jayne!!!! I have known Ibrahim for over 10 years now and I can say he is a good man. You will always be grateful for your decision to be together forever. God bless your union. You will always be best friends, nothing and no one will ever come between you both. Enjoy your day!!! Wish i could be there, after all the years of harassing Ibrahim to marry. Thank you Jayne for finally stealing his heart!!!!!

Name: murphy john
Comment: its creatively lovely. congrats in advance

Name: Elizabeth Sati
Comment: Have a great marriage.

Name: Tim!
Comment: Congrats Ya Teee & Sewu πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ’We've got ur back and God's got ur back too.....J in 9daysπŸ™…πŸ½πŸ™πŸΎπŸš—

Name: Muhammad Suraj Wada
Comment: Finally! May the Almighty richly bless the union. Amen. I can't wait to witness. Congratulations in advance.

Name: Maram Mafulul
Comment: May your marriage bring you all the exquisite excitement marriage should bring,and may life grant you also patience,tolerance, and understanding. May you always need one another -not so much to fill your emptinessas to help you to know your fullness. If love but binds the mystic tie,Blest is the bridal hour.

Name: Kolo David Kolo
Comment: Love is indeed a very strong force; my dear Jane I believe 'you're the one'. One major reason? You got Ya T to pose for photographs, it's just got to be love. May the Lord take over the preparations and may you love continue to grow and envelop your home in Jesus Name, Amen. I'm so excited and happy for you guys especially for my (long lost) friend Ya T.

Name: Agatha Kolo.
Comment: I am so happy for you guys I pray God blesses your home and you live in mutual love, fidelity, respect and peace. Cheers my people Congratulations!

Name: naima nasir
Comment: Wishing the lovely couple a happy married life!

Name: Adeniyi Oluwakemi
Comment: Congratulations! the good Lord will keep ur home. The Lord will make d day glorious IJN

Name: Eno-obong Yamah(Ekpo)
Comment: My darlyn,am so happy for u.Congrats.Am so loving all I c here.Kept lukin at all d well wit u both. Your marriage will b blessed in Jesus name.Amen.Mr Ibrahim,u have a special person who I trust will Luv u till d end,so in turn reciprocate d Luv and God bless

Name: Eno-obong Yamah(Ekpo)
Comment: My darlyn,am so happy for u.Congrats.Am so loving all I c here.Kept lukin at all d well wit u both. Your marriage will b blessed in Jesus name.Amen.Mr Ibrahim,u have a special person who I trust will Luv u till d end,so in turn reciprocate d Luv and God bless

Name: Awoneye yusuf
Comment: We give God all the glory, am happy for u. Wish you all the best in your marriage.

Name: Kadoon K. Dara
Comment: TI darling, a big congratulations to you and Ibrahim with love from Debo and Alexandria

Name: Shola
Comment: AAAAAGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!;D;D;D.My liver is smiling. I trully wish I could be there to celebrate with you. I can see awesomeness in your union and knowing Ibrahim-I'm seeing and Badassness to you both today and always.Big hugs;D;D

Name: Tarni Amos
Comment: It's really nice. Congrats in advance guys

Name: Lydia Yisa Lee
Comment: Beautiful beginning!

Comment: This is awesome. I wish you guys all the best and may all your very good dreams come true.

Name: Tinuola Olantewaju-Ojo
Comment: It's the Lord doing, its marvellous in his sight. Congrats bro. I've long waited to be part of this great joy. Remainn blessed and be fruitful in all your future endeavour in togetherness.

Name: Nusi I. Ayodele
Comment: This is really lovely. Wishing you all the best and a blissful married life.

Name: Onyeka Okoye
Comment: I am soooo i am the one getting married.huh!!!!! May this union bring you both nothing but joy for a lifetime.All the best buddies

Name: Vicky Gana
Comment: Wowwwwwwwwww!!!! I love this to the moon and back...... I love you dear Ya T and Ya T.I.

Name: chidimma nneji (nee Izuka)
Comment: Jayne the writer. Lol. Congrats dearie. May God bless your home dear.

Name: Eni and Ubong Udoh
Comment: Oh my lovely Jayne! I am so happy for you! The joy that radiates from you is palpable! I wish you and Ibrahim the very best! I know you will make a lovely bride and wife. May the joys of marriage continually be yours IJN! Congrats Ibrahim, you've found a rare gem!

Name: Naths Nmadu
Comment: Praying for you. Love you loads

Name: Rotkang Okunlola
Comment: Simply beautiful. ..wishing you two the best of what God has for you! This is only the beginning. ..

Name: Robert Mangvwat
Comment: so glad this is happening... Arc Jane. and this wonderful Gentleman (na chire maka hula!). Godspeed as you prepare for the D Day, my prayer for your marriage is... 60years from now, may that stream of love never run dry!

Name: Deola Odusanya(nee, Salako)
Comment: Congrats again.....

Name: Nguwasen
Comment: No one is happier for you like I am. This will just be the mother of a thousand more celebrations to come.

Name: Jane 'Leke-Obisanya
Comment: Congratulations, love your stories, the Lord will make your big day memorable.

Name: hannah medina ibrahim
Comment: awwwwww my sweet t.i and YA-T this is soooooo lovely. NICE ONE looking forward to that great day by Gods grace

Name: Mama Paul & Silas(Auntie Gloria)
Comment: It is going to be a great day. Will miss it, but praying for you

Name: Maimunat Alex-Adeomi
Comment: Happy for you both. May God bless your home always and make you best friends on this journey together.

Name: Esther
Comment: Dear Jayne, Magnus and I are thrilled to hear the glad news, so were sharing our wedding verse with u ... 'the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day' Proverbs 4:18

Name: Ifeyinwa Onaji
Comment: I am truly happy for you both. Two wonderful people with great hearts! To 'the mummy/special Aunty of my 2 princesses' Jayne, love you always.To the blessed guy getting her.Raise my glass in toast to you and your day.Pray to God to bless you greatly in your marriage.

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