Tobi has always been a standout and standup guy. For as long as I’ve known him he’s always trying to be better, get better and he has such a focus that I often feel there just might not be enough hours in a day for all Tobi wants to do.


Longrin is my "Mr Law” (little inside joke right there). He loves conversation and he’s more than willing to incite, instigate and even provoke conversation and connections. Extreme? Maybe but you’re never bored with Mr Law.


SupaVic is one of the most stable caring and thoughtful human beings I have ever been blessed to meet. His degree of considerateness and willingness to act on behalf of friends and family is a constant example to me.


Pirzing and I grew up and went to school in Jos together or maybe we didn’t. Also he probably is more Eji’s friend than mine but I’m not sure of that either. We’re probably related, hmmm…I can so believe that...I wonder…

DR. L.

Dr. L is amazing. As my roomie, we used the same sleep cycle strategy. He is the least intrusive person I know, he is willing to work within your comfort zone, he’s very honest and shoots straight. His work ethic and commitment astounds me.


SK loves sports (Arsenal), life and gists. He’s one of my landlords and I often wonder how he puts up with my food experiments and interesting sleep-work-visiting-rooming habits. He is very fun and can light up a room immediately.


“Uncle” Myani is probably one of the most interested people you’ll ever meet. He’s very interested in “many-every-thing(s). A lawyer by study, a seeker/thinker/philosopher by inclination, here you have the deepest and wondrous conversations ever.


Sweet Sam Sugar is a Boss.