Joanna Boye Nmadu - Chief bridesmaid

This young lady right here is dear to my heart and is my official younger sister (not that all others are unofficial oooo). She has an amazing heart, is quick to offer help and respectful to a fault. Did I mention beautiful too, yeah, runs in the family. Fashion conscious and forward, she has a bold and authentic style. Knowing how graciously she serves others, it's my privilege to have her be my right hand woman.

Msurshima Kankwe - bridesmaid

I first met Sue baby as I call her when I went to write the entrance exam into Bethany Christian Academy, unknown to us at that time, we would eventually attend the same secondary school in Abuja, later on, the same university, same faculty and same department. Over the years, the bond has grown stronger and remained through many things. Whatever she does she does with great passion. Her vivacious spirit and joie de vivre will bring personality to our train.

Juliet Mabilong Didel - bridesmaid

The tall beautiful Quan'pan diva, Mabilong herself! If there was ever anyone who could get along with anybody, it's this lady right here. Level-headed and reliable, Juliet has always brought a real-ness, empathy and her lilting laughter to the our friendship. The eternal optimist, I call her because no matter the situation Mabi always finds the silver lining.

Charity Yisa - bridesmaid

You know those people who have infectious energy? The ones that light up a space just by being there? Oh yeah, her name is Charity. She isn't afraid to stand on her own two feet and embrace opportunities, yet she does so with dignity and class. Extremely entertaining and fun to be around, Charity is someone to have around for all seasons.

Hannah Medina Ibrahim - bridesmaid

My dearest Hannah. Sweet and kind and gentle and enterprising. I've known her almost all her life. Born in the same quaint town, went to the same secondary school, same university and lived together for some time. I've had time to really know Hannah and trust me when I say she's that salt of the earth kinda woman, the noble kind. Integrity. Simplicity. Trustworthy. Compassionate. Helpful.

Joyce Okworie - bridesmaid

Joycee and I go way back when, but one thing I can always count is that my faithful friend remains faithful even when I haven't been faithful and never holds it against me. Her love is pure and unadulterated, her loyalty is trustworthy and dependable. Always joyful regardless of circumstances, her brand of calm should be packaged and sold. Her cheerful smiles and bubbly spirit will color our special day.

Ruth Yisa - bridesmaid

As beautiful as she's smart, Ruthie's candor is one I have come to appreciate. With Ruth there's no pretentiousness what you see is the real deal, gracious and sweet. She doesn't take herself too seriously as such it's soooo easy to relax, be yourself and enjoy her company. One thing with Ruth is everyone from babies to oldies love her. Knowing there no dull moment with her, I'm honored to have her grace our train.

Grace Khasar - bridesmaid

With Grace, life is for the living! She has a never-say-die disposition I love her quirky sense of humor, her love for adventure and embracing life boldly to me are stand out qualities of this gorgeous damsel. A unique pairing to that adventurous zest is a soft spoken, warm-hearted person. Never mind that she's my namesake. I'm yet to meet a Sewuese that wasn't beautiful, smart and worth having in your corner.

Asabe Yisa - bridesmaid

I think Asabe and I think bubbly. She has a personality that's way larger than her size. She's got so much joy it bubbles forth in smiles and laughter. If you ever did meet a kind soul, Asabe is it. Call her Ms. Chill because that's what she is, easy going, charming and all so friendly. I'm thrilled she's bringing her many favors of joy to our party.


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